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Trading Computers by full-time day trader Eddie Z feature:

EZ Trading Computer Guarantee

  • Dependability & Reliability
  • Lightning Fast Processors
  • Multi Monitor Support

What Makes A Trading Computer So Special?

EZ Trading Computers has surveyed over 7500 traders and what we have learned is that Reliability & Dependability are THE most important aspects of a computer for custom trading system. The other key ingredients include:

Processing Power & Speed: One area that traders should never cut corners on is the processor. The processor is the engine of the computer and if you are trying to get in the race with a 4 cylinder engine, you are going to get beat. In today’s modern world, the absolute fastest and highest quality processors come from Intel. Specifically the Intel Core i7 Series. Intel just came out with their brand new Haswell series of the Core i7 which is now the new benchmark for custom trading. To learn more about processor specifics, get the free Buyer’s Guide here.

Quality of Components: In order to achieve the ultimate in reliability and dependability, your day trading computer needs to have the highest quality parts and components. Store bought machines such as Dell & HP, come with generic components that are purchased in bulk from contract manufacturers. The result is that these machines have lower quality and a shorter useful life. Other day trading computer manufacturers that are online are not transparent as to exactly what brand of components are going into their machines. At EZ Trading Computers, we only use the very best parts and components from the top name manufacturers; including Intel, Asus, MSI, Samsung, Thermaltake, and the like. We build and test each configuration in a rigorous day trading environment to ensure compatibility and reliability. We have so much confidence in our build and testing process that we offer a 5 Year Warranty. To learn more about which components are the best for your stock trading needs get the free Buyer’s Guide here.

Technical Support & Warranty: Did you know that according to, the average warranty and technical support period is only 1 year. There are several custom trading computer companies that use service as a profit center by up-charging you for additional years. At EZ Trading Computers we believe that the warranty and technical support are and integral part of the trading computer setup package. We will never charge you for the attention you deserve. In fact our Warranty on desktops is for a full 5 Years! Call in Technical Support is for the lifetime of the computer! All technical support and warranty service is done in house by our expert technicians. Our technicians only build our stock trading computers setup, so they know these machines inside and out. Rest assured, if you need to call in, an English speaking, US based tech will be there to help. To learn more about our warranty and technical support go here.

Price: Price is an important consideration when shopping for a high end piece of technology. However, price alone should not be your only criteria. We highly recommend you do your research so you get the most value for the buck. Remember to take all criteria: processing power, quality of components, technical support & warranty, price as well reputation of the trading computer builder COMBINED. The best place to research all of these considerations is by getting the Buyer’s Guide here.

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee:

We are so convinced that you are going to absolutely love your new EZ Trading Computer that we GUARANTEE it! In fact, if you don’t find your EZ Trading Computer to be the fastest, highest quality computer you have ever owned, we will give you a 100% refund plus WE WILL PAY THE COST OF SHIPPING BOTH WAYS within the first 14 days from the delivery date. There is no risk to you whatsoever.

EZ Trading Computers Price Guarantee:

EZ TRADING COMPUTERS will beat the price of any i7 Trading Computer configured* using the customize now buttons on websites owned by legitimate online companies specializing in Trading Computers. Simply call us at 800-387-5250 or click chat to take advantage of this offer.

*Any i7 Trading Computer Configuration means same Intel i7 processor and processor speed, quantity of RAM, hard drive sizes, number of monitors supported and operating system. It does not mean matching exact brands of components, or warranty. The price must be attained using competitor’s online configuration tool.

EZ Trading Computers has your technology solution for stock trading, forex trading, futures trading or just about any other type of electronic financial markets trading.


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